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With FedEx® Tracking, you have maximum visibility into your shipments’ status. Customize your tracking results page, organize your shipments, easily send and receive e-mail notifications, and even save time with the streamlined Signature Proof of Delivery request process. Have shipments you track often? FedEx Tracking can remember the tracking numbers you’ve entered, so it’s even easier and faster to look them up. Start tracking today.

Quickly determine your shipment status with FedEx Tracking

Quickly determine your shipment status.

With the color-coded status bar, you can quickly and easily identify the status of your shipment. The status bar visually shows you the status of your shipment, whether it is picked up, on schedule, or delivered, for greater peace of mind. You can also stay in the know with a clear estimated date of delivery.

Customize your results with FedEx Tracking

Customize your results.

Customize and organize your results based on what’s important to you. With FedEx Tracking you can customize the time zone and time format, as well as the order of events.

E-mail notifications with FedEx Tracking

Easily choose to send and receive e-mail notifications.

Select to receive e-mail notifications in up to 26 languages and rest assured that you’ll have the most up-to-date shipment information. Select whether you’d like to receive e-mail notifications when there are exceptions, when shipments are delivered, or for current detailed results.

Time-saving features with FedEx Tracking

Take advantage of our time-saving features.

When you return to FedEx Tracking, we’ll even remember your recently entered tracking numbers.