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Visibility enhanced with My FedEx®

When you track through My FedEx using FedEx Advanced Tracking, you have immediate access to pertinent shipment information, as well as to details on the rest of your comprehensive FedEx activity. Track the status of your shipments, view and pay your FedEx bills online, and much more – all from the My FedEx dashboard. Plus, if you are a FedEx InSight user, you can use your FedEx InSight login to easily monitor your inbound, outbound and third party shipments directly through FedEx Advanced Tracking. Go to My FedEx.

Customize your information with My FedEx

Customize your information.

With FedEx Advanced Tracking, you can quickly and easily select the tracking column headers you’d like to display. Simply click on the plus sign in the table’s header, and check the columns you’d like to view.

Gain inbound, outbound and third-party visibility

Gain inbound, outbound and third party shipment visibility.

Increase the visibility of inbound inventory to allow more efficient use of your receiving personnel. You can also increase the visibility of your outbound inventory for your end customers who can then use this information to gain operational efficiencies.

Send and receive e-mail notifications

Reduce time spent resolving shipment issues with e-mail notifications.

Sending or waiting for a shipment and want greater details on when it should arrive? Click on the shipment within the tracking module, and from within the Shipment Details window you can choose to send or receive an e-mail notification when the shipment is delivered or when there are exceptions.

Plus, you can reduce the number of inbound calls to your customer service by signing your end customers up for e-mail notifications, so they can stay in-the-know.

Powerful filters get you shipment information

Quickly identify your shipments through easy to use filters.

You can quickly and easily view information about shipments you sent, add shipments to your watch list, and provide nicknames for special shipments. Plus, you can also use filters to view just the shipments you want to see.

My FedEx tracking information

Access up-to-date tracking information.

When you track through My FedEx, you can rest assured that you are viewing the most relevant and up-to-date tracking information available.