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FedEx can help you file your
Electronic Export Information (EEI).

At FedEx, we make it our job to understand what government regulations are coming so we can have the tools in place to ensure you have the best opportunity to move products without customs hold-ups. Starting Oct. 1, 2008, Foreign Trade Regulations (FTR) will require you to electronically file export declarations via the U.S. government's Automated Export System (AES), or use the appropriate FTR exemptions for U.S., Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Island export shipments. FedEx has been providing this service for years and has a proven online system to guide you through the process and help you avoid unnecessary delays and fines.

FedEx has the latest information on the impacts of the new regulations to the U.S. export shippers. Determine if your shipments need EEI filing and determine the right FTR exemption code to be used on the shipment label when EEI filing is not required.

For shipments that require the EEI, FedEx is ready to help you submit your important export data and give you visibility into your filing status. And with new regulations, you can no longer file the Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) using manual forms. So, now more than ever, the online filing tools that FedEx offers will provide you with an easy and trusted solution.

FedEx Export AgentFile for Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing

Rely on FedEx Export AgentFile®

FedEx Export AgentFile provides you with a streamlined Electronic Export Information (EEI) filing process for confident regulatory compliance. You provide the shipment information and authorize FedEx as your agent, the tool captures the appropriate data elements required, validates and transmits them to AES and automatically provides the internal transaction number (ITN) for use on the shipment label. You can also view your EEI filing history within the tool.

FedEx allows the option to self-file your EEI

Self-file using FedEx Ship Manager® at and AESDirect.

You also have the choice with FedEx to self-file your EEI. If you are registered with AESDirect, we can transfer your shipping information with the carrier data elements to AESDirect for simple and free processing. You retrieve your ITN by your normal process for use on the shipment label

Learn about the new regulations.

Find out when Electronic Export Information (EEI) is required.