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Convenient and easy shipping without an account.

It’s easier than ever to go online and ship at fedex.com. We are excited to introduce the option to pay with a credit card online and take advantage of timesaving features, even without a FedEx account. Leave those airbills behind and see how fedex.com can help streamline your shipping within the U.S.

Get started with fedex.com today.

FedEx allows you to Ship your way

Ship your way.

Set your shipping preferences and control the way you ship when you log in to fedex.com. Fill in the default information for options you use most and choose which sections you need to quickly complete your shipments. From service and package type to e-mail notification options, set your shipping screen up just the way you want it.

FedEx allows you to save contacts and time

Save contacts and time.

You can save contacts in the Address Book on fedex.com to save time when you ship to repeat recipients. You can easily import and export your addresses and customize the display of your contacts. Just sign up for fedex.com and log in to take advantage of the Address Book today.

FedEx has convenient drop-off locations

Give us your package.

Ship online and you can find a convenient drop-off location while creating your label. No phone calls, no extra steps, it’s all in one place.

FedEx allows you to ship without logging in

Ship without logging in.

In a hurry? In addition to shipping without an account, you can now complete a shipment online even without registering for fedex.com. Just enter your address and the package destination, select a service, enter your credit card information and you can be on your way. It’s that simple.